Woven Sacks

  • Circular woven fabrics and bags
  • Laminated and or UnLaminated
  • Printed and or Unprinted
  • All types of Small Bags Like Valve, Bale wraps, Liner bags, Gusseted bags
  • Reel to Reel printing with corona treatment
  • UV stabilized option

Design Details:

Size: Width: 15″ (380mm) – 32″(815mm). Length: As per customer’s specifications
Printing: Three Colour Flexo Printing, Single / Double Side. Corona treated on request

Woven Sack Details:

  • Material – PP / HDPE
  • Fabric Weave – 8×8 to 12×12 per sq. in. or 32×32 to 48×48 per sq. dm.
  • Tape Specification – Width: Standard 2.5 mm. Other widths on request.
  • Denier: 750 D to 1200 D
  • Fabric Colour – Natural,Milky or coloured
  • Additives – Ultra Voilet Stabilized. TiO2, CaCO3 or antislip coated or as specified.
  • Lamination – Laminated or Unlaminated available, Loose Liners can also be offered.
  • Applications – Fertilizers, Cement, Sugar, Foodgrains, Salt, Flour, Cattle Feed, Seeds, Sand, Chemicals