Featuring high tensile strengths and low elongations, our woven geotextiles have a remarkable capacity for filtering soils, distributing loads, reducing rutting and extending the life of paved and unpaved roadways.

Our woven geotextiles are from high UV, resistant to sun, soil chemicals, mildew and insects.They enhance construction speed and reduce overall cost and also increase life ofpaved and unpaved areas.

Our woven geotextiles can be used for soil embankment and roadway stabilization, internal reinforcement of retaining walls, steep slope reinforcement used for subgrade stabilization,reinforcing embankments over soft soils.

Following are the applications:

  • To reinforce areas of weak subsoil and distribute the applied load across a wider area.
  • Provide a means to maintain the separation of subgrade from clean base aggregate.
  • To filter water passing through the ground without losing any excess of fine subsoil.
  • To improve the performance of drainage systems, and in many instances reduce the need for using graded aggregate.


NTPEP Compliance Certificate